Metastatic Cancer Patient Stories

After speaking to cancer patients and cancer patient advocates, it's clear that no matter where the origin of the cancer, metastatic cancer patients share similar questions and experiences. Find stories of stage IV or metastatic cancer patients here. With emerging cancer treatments, the stories are changing all the time. If you have a story you'd like to contribute or have any feedback, we'd love to have it. 

Lisa Goldman, Metastatic Lung

Non-small cell lung, ROS1-positive
1st Symptoms: Persistent cough (months), coughing a little blood, high fever, night sweats
Treatment: Chemotherapy (4 cycles), maintenance chemo (4 cycles), targeted therapy pills

Jodi Smith, Metastatic Ovarian

Subtype: Epithelial ovarian
1st Symptoms: Extreme bloating, tight skin, changes in digestive tract, significant pelvic pain, sharp-shooting pain down inner thighs, extreme fatigue
Treatment: Chemotherapy (4 cycles), hysterectomy, additional chemotherapy (3 cycles)