Cervical Cancer Stories

Cervical Cancer Stories

Cervical cancer develops in the cells that line the cervix (lower area of the uterus).  

There are three main types of cervical cancer:

  • Squamous: About 90% of cervical cancers that originate most often in the transformation zone.
  • Adenocarcinoma: Make up most other cases, develop from grand cells.
  • Adenosquamous: Carcinomas or mixed carcinomas: the least common, a mix of the first two.

Find stories from real cervical cancer survivors to learn how others navigated diagnosis and treatment.

Cervical Cancer Patient Stories


Mila smiling in her car

Mila L., Squamous, Stage 1B

1st Symptoms: Abnormal lump in cervix area, bleeding after sex
Treatment: Chemotherapy (Cisplatin), radiation, adjuvant chemotherapy (Carboplatin + Paclitaxel

Marissa, Squamous, Stage 3B

1st Symptoms: Excessive and prolonged vaginal bleeding
Chemotherapy (Cisplatin), radiation, brachytherapy

Brittany W., Squamous Cell, Stage 4B

1st Symptoms: Spotting after sex, eventual significant bleeding at random
Treatment: Chemotherapy (Cisplatin) concurrent with radiation, 6 rounds adjuvant chemo, 2nd round radiation, immunotherapy trial, targeted therapy


Kristine M., Adenocarcinoma, Stage 2B

1st Symptoms: Tumor found during postpartum pap smear
Colposcopy with endocervical curettage, cone biopsy, total abdominal radical open hysterectomy with lymph node removal


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