Oncology Nurse

Hear directly from nurses who work in oncology or cancer care.

There are many types of nurses who most cancer patients and caregivers meet after diagnosis - nurses, chemo nurses, inpatient, outpatient, clinic, nurse navigators and nurse practitioners (NP).

Explore below to hear more from some of the people dedicated to helping you through the hardest parts of treatment. They're often some of the best, most funny people you'll encounter in and out of the hospital.


Julie McFadden, Hospice Nurse

Hospice nurse: For last 5 years, helps patients and families understand end of life options
Experience: 14 years
Focus: Introduction to hospice, education

Jennifer Hagerty, Cancer Clinic Nurse

Clinic nurse: works mostly outpatient
Experience: 12 years
Hospital size: Large teaching institution

Brianna Banachoski, Hem-Onc Nurse

Nurse: works 12-hour shifts on blood oncology floor
Experience: was a lymphoma patient, became a nurse in early 2019
Hospital size: mid-range

Bernadette Lucas-Burch, Nurse Navigator

Nurse Navigator: help cancer patients and caregivers at diagnosis through treatment.
Experience: 35+ years
Hospital size: Mid-range but largest in the region