Warrriors' Klay Thompson!

Warriors' Klay Thompson Gives OneDavid Founder a Shout

By Stephanie Chuang

I was born and raised in the Bay Area so I've been a Warriors fan my whole life. I didn't really start watching until the We Believe era because, well, our team had lots of ups and mostly downs. Now of course we have the best team in the league and for a few years now, they've been so exciting to watch. 

My friend and fellow journalist friend, Kiet Do, has known me to be a real fan and so when I was undergoing my chemotherapy for non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, he asked the Warriors PR team to help out by getting someone to give me a shoutout. 

It was Klay Thompson. 


I remember feeling so down and then in just one second, hearing, "Hey Stephanie," followed by, "It's Klay Thompson" made me squeal (yes, this really happened). Thankfully the only person around was my mom who would come over to take care of me through medical treatment. 

It's moment like these where I look back and feel so grateful to have the support system I did. To have friends think of me all the time and want to make me smile brings such joy. It's my favorite part of sport: it really has the uncanny ability to bring that joy because it's about so much more than the plays and the trophies. (Not that another championship would hurt or anything, of course.) 

Just a throwback to a fond memory that was my personal inspiration! What's yours?