Cancer Caregiver Stories: Spouse Perspective | The Patient Story

Cancer Caregiver Stories: Spouse Perspective

One type of cancer personal caregiver is the spouse of the patient. Living with the person who’s been diagnosed means a lot of life changes for the partner.

Hear directly from spouses of former cancer patients about their experience from diagnosis through treatment.

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Caregiver: Spouse of a Metastatic Cancer Patient | Willie’s Story
Willie Williams, Spouse of Thyroid Cancer Patient (Metastatic)
“If you volunteer, just make sure you can be there. Be whatever they need you to be, but don’t force yourself into a situation because that can be really frustrating.” ...
Cancer Naturopathic Doctor & Caregiver of Lymphoma Patient

Dr. Heather Paulson

Naturopathic Doctor: Part of integrative cancer care, help with complementary therapies
Experience: 15 years
Treatment Center: Integrative Clinic
Cancer Caregiver: Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma (Refractory) Patient, Spouse | Nicole’s Story, CAR T-Cell Therapy
Nicole Bhat, Spouse of Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma Patient (Refractory)
“If you can't take care of yourself, you can't take are of anyone else.” ...
Caregivers: Expert Perspective | Barbara Kivowitz
Barbara Kivowitz, Caregiver Expert & Author
“A critical ingredient we need throughout our lives in all circumstances is hope. Hope can exist and persist even when a cure is not possible. You can attach hope to anything.” ...
Cancer Caregiver Stories: Lisa Matthews, Spouse, Prostate Cancer | The Patient Story

Lisa Matthews, Spouse to Prostate Cancer Patient

"It’s just that tough. It’s scary and difficult, and you need to give each other some space, but also give each other that support and love."