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Relapsed and Refractory Stories
Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment

The journey for people whose cancers have relapsed or who don’t respond to firstline treatment looks very different. This often requires second-line or third-line treatment. Hear from patients and families who’ve been through some of the newest applications of drugs and treatments giving hope to those who’ve relapsed or who are refractory.

Hodgkin Lymphoma: Nodular Sclerosis, Stage 2A, Relapse | Lauren’s Story

Lauren Chiarello, Hodgkin, Stage 2A

Cancer details: Diagnosed at 23 years old with nodular sclerosis, relapsed after 6 months of 1st-line treatment
1st Symptoms: Itchy body, enlarged lymph node over collar bone
Treatment: ABVD chemotherapy and ICE, radiation, and stem cell transplant for relapse
Hodgkin Lymphoma: Classical HL, Stage 2BX (Bulky), Relapse | Fabiola’s Story

Fabiola Lopez, Hodgkin, Stage 2BX

Cancer details: Stage 2 with bulky disease, relapsed after 1st chemo. Remission after 2nd chemo & bone marrow transplant
1st Symptoms: Shortness of breath, dry cough, fatigue
Treatment: ABVD chemo (6 cycles), IGEV chemo, bone marrow transplant, BEAM chemo, brentuximab
Hodgkin Lymphoma: Classical, Stage 3, Relapse | Tylere’s Story

Tylere Presley, Hodgkin, Stage 3

Cancer details: Mother is a nurse practitioner; suspected cancer
1st Symptoms: Swollen lymph nodes in neck
Treatment: Clinical trial; Chemotherapy, BMT
Hodgkin Lymphoma: Classical HL Stage 3A, Refractory Diagnosis Gray Zone Lymphoma | Kayla’s Story

Kayla Tremblett, Hodgkin, Stage 3A

Cancer details: Possibly misdiagnosed the first time; later diagnosed as grey zone lymphoma
1st Symptoms: Pulled muscle in chest
Treatment: ABVD chemo, radiation, high-dose chemo, stem cell transplant
CAR T-Cell Therapy for Refractory Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma | Shahzad’s Story

Shahzad Bhat's CAR T Story

Cancer details: Refractory non-Hodgkin lymphoma, stage 4
1st Symptoms: Extreme fatigue
Treatment: R&B, R-ICE, R-EPOCH, CAR T-cell therapy (cell-based gene therapy)
FDA approved: October 2017
Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma: Primary Mediastinal B-Cell Lymphoma, Relapsed, CAR T-Cell Therapy | Sonia’s Story

Sonia Su, Primary Mediastinal (PMBCL), Relapse, CAR T-Cell Therapy

1st Symptoms: Chest pain, superior vena cava syndrome (SVCS); persistent, dry coughs, headaches
Treatment: (1st Line) R-CHOP chemotherapy, 6 cycles (2nd Line) R-ICE Chemotherapy (3rd Line) CAR T-cell therapy