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Lung Cancer Patient Stories, ALK Positive

Shyreece P., Non-Small Cell, ALK+, Stage 4

Cancer details: ALK+ occurs in 1 out of 25 non-small cell lung cancer patients
1st Symptoms: Heaviness in arms, wheezing, fatigue
Treatment: IV chemo (carboplatin/pemetrexed/bevacizumab), targeted therapy (crizotinib, alectinib)

Lung Cancer Patient Stories ALK Positive

Shyreece Pompey

Shyreece Pompey dedicated her life to teaching kids – outside of her family, it was her whole world. Then came the shock of her life – a stage 4 lung cancer diagnosis for this mother and grandmother with no history of smoking.

Eight years later, Shyreece is thriving as a different kind of teacher: lifting others through her own experience and lessons learned since her diagnosis in 2014, from the importance of patients advocating for themselves, ensuring they get comprehensive biomarker testing that could shift their entire treatment path, the importance of clinical trials, and understanding her experience as a Black cancer patient.

Thank you for sharing your story, Shyreece!

Getting Diagnosed with Lung Cancer

Shyreece shares what led up to her stage 4 lung cancer diagnosis and how she was able to process the news.

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How I Fought for Myself as a Patient

It can be hard to speak up for yourself. When Shyreece did that for herself, it changed her entire treatment path and life.

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The Power of Clinical Trials

Some say clinical trials are tomorrow’s treatments – today. But Shyreece says there needs to be better representation of patients in these trials.

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Greatest Lessons Learned

Shyreece shares her lessons learned in living with stage 4 lung cancer, and how to lift ALL patients.

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The White Ribbon Project Series

Learn more about one group working in lung cancer advocacy!

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