Common Cervical Cancer Symptoms, Described by Real Patients

Common Cervical Cancer Symptoms, Described by Real Patients

Common cervical cancer symptoms can be difficult to realize. They don’t always present themselves and even when they do it’s hard to differentiate them from symptoms linked with other vaginal conditions. 

In this article, we cover the signs and symptoms of cervical cancer, along with what to do if you are experiencing these symptoms. Additionally, we take a look at the symptoms that real cervical cancer patients experience prior to being diagnosed.

How Patients Described Their First Signs of Cervical Cancer

While each cervical cancer patient has their own experience. Learning about other’s experiences and symptoms can help you identify early signs of cervical cancer and know what to expect if you are diagnosed.


The cancer begins in the column-shaped glandular cells that line the cervical canal.

It’s scary to say this, but I had no physical symptoms… They said that not only that they had found irregular cells, but that they had found cancerous cells during my regular pap.

– Kristine M. | Read more

Squamous Cell Carcinoma

The Cancer begins in the column-shaped glandular cells that line the cervical canal.

It started off with a little bit of spotting or bleeding after sex. I remember it very clearly the first time it happened because it was Thanksgiving morning and I was with my husband.

– Brittany W. | Read more

I started noticing bleeding every single day. I had just gotten off birth control, so I contacted my primary care physician and told her what was going on. She said it was probably just hormones. 

– Marissa N. | Read more

I started feeling this little lump. It turned out to be inside my cervix. I didn’t really know what it was, it wasn’t really painful or anything, it was just kind of there. 

– Mila L. | Read more

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Cervical Cancer Symptoms

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What to Do If You Are Experiencing Symptoms Linked to Cervical Cancer

If you are experiencing symptoms commonly linked to cervical cancer, you should get a pelvic exam that includes a pap smear. Most cases of cervical cancer are detectible with a pelvic exam.

Since the symptoms of cervical cancer aren’t always detectable, it’s important to visit a gynecologist every year. Cancer screening is an important part of any woman’s wellness visit. 

For more information about cervical cancer or symptoms of other types of cancers visit our navigating cancer page. While a cancer diagnosis is devastating, learning about situations common among cancer patients can help take the mystery out of your path forward.