Avastin Patient Stories

Avastin Patient Stories

Avastin, or Bevacizumab, is used in treatment for cancers such as lung cancer, colorectal cancer, and others.

See below for Avastin experiences from real patients.

Metastatic Colon Cancer Stories: Stage 4, Recurrence | Lee’s Story

Lee J., Colon Cancer, Stage 4, Recurrence

Cancer Details: Recurrence then remission
1st Symptoms: Discovered stage 4 cancer from unrelated CT scan
Treatment: Neoadjuvant chemo (FOLFOX), hemicolectomy (partial colon surgery), adjuvant chemo (FOLFOX), chemo post-recurrence (FOLFIRI), liver surgery
Ovarian Cancer Stories: Low Grade Serous Carcinoma, Stage 4B | Cheyann Shaw

Cheyann S., Low-Grade Serous Carcinoma, Stage 4B

Cancer details: Makes up approximately 10% of cases of serous ovarian cancer.
1st Symptoms:
Stomach pain, constipation, lump on right side above pubic area
Cancer debulking surgery, chemotherapy (Carboplatin & Taxol, then Doxil & Avastin)
Ovarian Cancer Stories: Epithelial, Stage 2C & Uterine Cancer, Stage 1A | Heather’s Story

Heather M., Epithelial Ovarian Cancer, Stage 2

Cancer Details: Also diagnosed w/uterine cancer 1A same time.
1st Symptoms: Extreme bloating, pinching pain in right side of abdomen, extreme fatigue
Treatment: Surgery (total hysterectomy), chemo (Taxol once a week for 18 week, Carboplatin every 3 weeks), concurrent clinical trial (Avastin) every 3 weeks
Lung Cancer Stories: Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC), ROS1+, Stage 4 | Lisa’s Story

Lisa G., Non-Small Cell, ROS1+, Stage 4 (Metastatic)

Cancer Details: ROS1+ tends to be aggressive. It can spread to the brain and to the bones.
1st Symptoms: Persistent cough (months), coughing a little blood, high fever, night sweats
Treatment: Chemo (4 cycles), maintenance chemo (4 cycles)
Metastatic Cervical Cancer Stories: Squamous Cell, Stage 4B | Brittany’s Story

Brittany W., Squamous Cell, Stage 4B

1st Symptoms: Spotting after sex, eventual significant bleeding at random
Treatment: Chemotherapy (Cisplatin) concurrent with radiation, 6 rounds adjuvant chemo, 2nd round radiation, immunotherapy trial, targeted therapy