Patient Stories From Cancer Survivors and Caregivers

Cancer Stories from Patients, Survivors & Caregivers

Explore the most in-depth cancer patient stories and survivor stories out there. You can start by choosing cancer type or by popular cancer questions.

November Spotlight:
The White Ribbon Project

Heidi Nafman-Onda: Lung Cancer Patient & TWRP Founder

Diagnosed with 3A non-small cell lung cancer at just 55 years old, Heidi Nafman-Onda says she found little support in raising lung cancer awareness, so she decided to create that community herself. Hear more about what’s driving her to fight for not just her own life, but those everywhere impacted by lung cancer.

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Cancer Stories

We know no two patients have the same journey, but people who’ve been through cancer treatment can help give you a sense of calm and control after a diagnosis. Learn about first symptoms, treatment decisions, questions to ask your doctor, and navigating life with cancer.

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NBC’s Al Roker Shares His Prostate Cancer Story

Al Roker has become a beloved, familiar face for so many as the Weather and News Anchor for the TODAY Show on NBC for decades.

Now, he’s also a prostate cancer thriver and patient advocate with a powerful message: Get screened and do it regularly, it could save your life.

Living with Cancer | Beth’s Story

She was just 29 years old when she was diagnosed with multiple myeloma and then 45 when she was officially diagnosed with a relapse, but Beth hasn’t let the cancer define her life.

Beth shares her incredible story of trying to get treatment while living in small towns, advocating for herself to get heard, the experience of being in a clinical trial, and the importance of finding community.

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Featured Patient Stories

Richard P., Relapsed/Refractory DLBCL

On New Treatments

“I’d like to encourage somebody to keep on going, because it does get better. I have [diffuse large b-cell lymphoma]. Well, it’s not going to go away, but like I said, the next thing is right down the line. “

Randalynn V., Ovarian Cancer

Patient Self-Advocacy

“Sometimes, it really could be something so don’t downplay what you’re going through. Let them know. It’s normal for us to feel something. Go ahead and say it in case it really is something, which it was in my case.”

Dave B.,
Lung Cancer

Fighting Stigma

“If you have lungs, you can get lung cancer. People who are advocating in the lung community and very active are talking about how anybody can get lung cancer.” 

The Caregiver Perspective

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