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Get a sense of what to expect from patients and caregivers who’ve been through cancer treatment.

FAQs curated by cancer survivors

  • Diagnosis
    • How did you get diagnosed?
    • How did you choose hospitals?
  • Treatment
    • How did you choose your treatment?
    • Describe each cycle of chemotherapy
    • What was Week One of chemo like?
    • How did the rest of each cycle go?
    • How did you deal with chemo?

Timelines by patients who’ve finished treatments

Patient Stories

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Featured Patient Stories

Cheyann Shaw, Ovarian Cancer

On Getting Diagnosed

“It’s a cancer diagnosis but it doesn’t take up enough space that it takes away who you are as a person.”

Tylere Presley, Hodgkin Lymphoma

On Being Kind to Yourself

“I’d say, ‘You’re not going to get anything done today. That’s okay.’”

Maui Bigelow, Smoldering Myeloma

On Accepting Support

“You need to not be afraid to lean on the people that love you.”

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