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This platform offers the most in-depth cancer and patient stories out there. You can start by choosing cancer type or by popular cancer questions.

We know no two patients have the same journey, but people who’ve been through cancer treatment can help give you a sense of calm and control after a diagnosis. Learn from those who’ve already been through it.

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Rach DiMare, Breast Cancer

Listen to Your Gut

“You’ve really got to listen to yourself, listen to your intuition, because that’s what will help you get through the process.”

Tylere Presley, Hodgkin Lymphoma

Be Kind to Yourself

“You’re not going to get anything done today. That’s okay.’”

Bruce Matthews, Prostate Cancer

Research Your Options

“Take your time, try to sort it out. There are so many options now for treatment. There’s not just a clearcut path of what you should do.”

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