It’s cancer. What’s next?

Get a sense of what you can expect from patients and caregivers who've been through it.

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FAQs curated by cancer survivors.


Timelines by patients who’ve finished treatment.


Our Story is The Patient Story

Leave behind the medical jargon and turn to the people who’ve been through it all already. The people behind The Patient Story are former cancer patients and caregivers who remember feeling anxiety when we got the diagnosis.

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You’ve got this. We’ll help you through it.

Searching online for answers often leads to a lot of “doom and gloom.” There’s a lack of representation of all the incredible stories of survivors. Search below by cancer type. For topics like hair loss, fertility after chemotherapy, and parenting with cancer, check out our Treatment Tips section.


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If you've been through cancer, this platform is also for you. We hope sharing what you've been through with those who need the help most may empower you.

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